Critical Incident Response And Training

Many organisations do not have in-house specialists to address and work with trauma or critical incidents. Sadly however, no business is immune from tragic incidents that affect everyone, whether directly involved or not.

We draw upon a longstanding and extensive experience of helping organisations and people impacted by traumatic events. Some of the events we have worked with have affected large numbers of people in companies and communities, such as terrorist attacks, pandemic concerns or environmental disasters; Others have been more localised, such as on-site fatalities, assaults when carrying out work duties, or employee suicide.

How an organisation responds to an event from the first instance to follow up, has a long lasting effect on the people involved. We know that clear, human and supportive contact, along with clear protocols and easy access to professional support, is what helps people.

Here are some examples of the work we have been involved with over the past 15 years:

  • support of managers and staff on site following the terrorist attacks in London
  • immediate support on site for staff following the Stockwell shooting
  • training Workplace Staff Supporters for bus companies.
  • creating a critical incident strategy for a large international bank
  • supporting managers and staff in a large construction company following an onsite fatality.
  • developing a strategic approach and protocols to managing trauma for Revenue Protection Inspectors
  • supporting directors, managers and staff following a suicide
  • supporting staff caring for affected families following the Croydon Tramlink crash
Emerald has led the delivery of Resilience and Trauma Management training for one of our customer facing operational management teams to improve work life balance, support staff who are experiencing acute levels of stress and provide on-going support. Through her work we have been able to quickly identify staff who need assistance which has resulted in a marked improvement in attendance levels and staff satisfaction. Training and Development Manager, Community Safety, Enforcement and Policing 2017

Our team of experienced trauma consultants, providing a comprehensive range of trauma response services for you to call on including:

  • Training materials and trauma first aid packs
  • Training Workplace Trauma Supporters
  • Developing critical incident strategies
  • Immediate onsite support following an incident
  • Supervision to managers supporting traumatised staff
  • Pastoral care
  • Post-incident interventions
  • Assessment for trauma symptoms and PTSD
  • Online Essentials Trauma Package.
  • Online Essentials Self Care in Uncertain Times Package