Training & Consultancy

There are times when having practical support from an outside source can bring a fresh perspective and help identify a particular need or service that could make a positive difference to staff resilience, retention, and organisational culture.

Our team of consultants know the challenges of balance organisational needs with the wellbeing of its staff first hand. Individually they have real experience; such as initiating and establishing a HR department for a now well known health chain; being Head of a large NHS department in East London.

Together we believe that it is possible and essential to ‘bring heart and soul back to business’ and draw on all our skills as a team to make this a reality for our clients.

Our team can work with you on all aspects of your Health and Wellbeing strategy, to support your organisation and staff, in an innovative and flexible way.


We deliver consultancy as one off days or as on going Strategic support.


Each of our trainers is an expert in their field, dedicated to their continued professional development, which ensures high quality, specialist delivery.

We can provide half day and full days trainings for teams, managers and employees in the key areas of:

  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Recognising and Supporting Trauma
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Stress Management
  • Change Management
  • Building Resilience
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Mindfulness

Onsite Coaching

On site coaching gives a unique opportunity for staff to access personal support in the form of short 121 coaching session, tailored to their needs whether it be, stress management, solution focussed therapy, self care for trauma, or support with mental health.

Our OnsiteCoaching consultants are State Registered Professionals, each with additional qualifications in psychotherapy, supervision, and coaching. Their extensiveexperience makes them ideal for onsite staff support.

The most popular form of onsite coaching are Resilience Drop-in Services.

Since helping our staff after the 7/7 Bombings in 2005, we continue to use these services today on a regular basis, holding regular ongoing Resilience Drop-in Sessions which help our staff both personally and professionally. Other parts of our business have also benefited from this expertise, which has helped manypeople. I would highly recommend these services. Director of News TfL Press Office 2017

Mediation And Conflict Resolution

Poorly managed conflict costs £24 billion every year and takes an HR professional a day a week to deal with disputes.

We specialise in supporting organisations to manage this constructively. Our services include:

  • Complimentary Meditation Awareness Session For HR teams
  • External Mediation provision for two people
  • Team Facilitations
  • Conflict Management Courses for Managers
  • In-house Mediation Training

Find out more about our Mediation Team.

Peer Support Training

There are many Mental Health peer support groups successfully running and supporting staff, these support groups decrease isolation at work, inform and involve people in breaking down stigma rather than pathologising as well as sign posting them to professional support when needed.

Research and evidence also tells us that people would rather have peer support initially after a trauma, than counselling and that they benefit more from this resource.

With this in mind, an essential step towards building a resilient community within your organisation, is to put resources into embedding this Peer approach.

We have years of experience in delivering these trainings across all sectors; from European Banking to Public Services.

We are currently training staff as Peer Supporters in the following areas:

  • Mental Health And Wellbeing
  • Trauma Support Volunteers
  • Conflict Management