Individual & Group Programmes

One of our passions and areas of expertise at Positivelives is the development of coaching programmes.

Our programmes are successful and effective and have been quoted as best practice for our work with the Fire Brigade and TfL in Government White papers and in popular books such as The Mindful Workplace by Michael Chaskalson and the Mindfulness Manifesto by Dr Jonty Heaversedge and Ed Halliwell amongst others.

We provide carefully designed programmes that have been, piloted and evaluated and work hard to make them accessible, using a blended learning approach to suit your organisation, by mixing face to face work, webinars, podcasts, web resources and study groups.

From offering members of your staff, assessment, structured support, and confidential coaching in the area of stress management, to embedding our Resilience Toolkit into your organisation with our Train the Trainer programme; our Coaching Programmes are proven to provide a high quality and cost effective solution.

Resilience Toolkit

Drawn from 15 years experience developing and delivering successful validated programmes to combat stress, we have taken the elements that we have found to have most impact and built them into a comprehensive Resilience Toolkit.

This Toolkit combines current research and thinking in the field of resilience, stress management and mindfulness/compassion practice and consists of a range of resources, delivered in a blended learning format to meet the particular needs of your organisation; from TED talks and podcasts, weekly coaching notes and videos, through to facilitated sessions, virtual coaches and drop in Take 10 sessions; this Toolkit adapts itself to a range of industries and roles.


The benefits of this programme begin with individuals, however they naturally ripple out into families, work colleagues, teams and communities; resulting in better relationships, ability to focus and work, improved self efficacy and overall happiness in life.

“A fantastic course in pre-emptive learning for mental wellbeing. An excellent blend of theory and hands on tools, delivered simply, helping any individual be better prepared for early recognition of changes in mental state and then how to adapt accordingly. Aside from all that, great to pause for breath and engage on this course!” Director of Finance and Support Services Brighton and Hove Hospice 2017

The Resilience Toolkit is currently being delivered successfully with Child Protection Social Workers, NHS Trust staff, global organisations, school teachers, and hospice staff.

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1-2-1 Stress Management

This 6 session programme is delivered to individuals via telephone or skype using a workbook and MP3 s that are downloaded to use throughout the programme and beyond.

The 121 Coaching Programme developed out of a 6 session psycho-educational stress programme, which we were running these at the Fire Brigade. We needed a way of making the programme accessible to operational staff with irregular working patterns. This 121 Stress Management Coaching Programme met that need and is still running at the Fire Brigade today. Personnel access the programme for a wide range of reasons; from personal development to managing stress and remaining at work.

This programme has also been successfully run with Head and Deputy Head teachers who have valued its confidential nature and the wide experience of the facilitators, which enables a unique and personalised approach.


Participants experience a programme that is tailored to suit their individual needs whether these are centred around work or their personal life. The programme provides real flexibility being accessible 7 days a week, and ensures confidentiality.

“I had no idea how much the course would help me….and even support me through a difficult period that came out of the blue. I felt as if the course had been written for me. I gained some great insights and techniques to take away, but also my coach devoted a lot of time to listening and connecting with me on a deep level. I would recommend this course for anyone……” London Fire Brigade Operations Manager 2017

Conflict Resolution for Managers

This 4 session programme delivered by Skype has been developed specifically to help managers identify early warning signs of conflict in the workplace and to prevent situations becoming entrenched and escalating. It supports managers by helping them understand the different causes of conflict, it’s effects and competent ways of dealing with it; enabling and skilling them to have difficult conversations, manage expectations and to know when and where to signpost.


This programme offers an in depth understanding of how to manage conflict leading to a more engaged, productive and happy working environment.

Train the Trainer

All of these Coaching Programmes can be delivered as Train the Trainer Programmes to embed them into your organisation.